Permanent Makeup

Santa Rosa Beach gel nail polishPermanent Make-Up
Permanent Make-Up is the art of tattooing color into the second layer of the skin. This process is used for cosmetic and corrective purposes and will enhance your natural beauty. It creates a lasting effect to accentuate and enhance the definition of eyebrows, eyes, and lips.

How Long Does It Last?
Permanent makeup does not wash away or smear, although it will soften over the years as the skin naturally exfoliates and causes gradual fading.  Other factors like UV rays, Retin A, and Glycolic Acid products will fade permanent makeup as well. Blonde or extra light brown colors may fade sooner than darker colors and it is best to "freshen" your color every two to three years.  

Is It Safe?
All instruments are specifically made for the face, sterilized, and disposed after each use for your protection.  The color pigments used are formulated for the face and clinically proven to be safe.  All colors are custom mixed for each client's needs.  Aftercare instructions are provided during our visit and A & D Ointment is recommended for faster healing.
For more information about permanent makeup, please ask for Tiffany.
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